He found that each species of virus pulsed


You may have heard about the work Rife did with Rife frequency generators – he’s famous for it – but his other groundbreaking work is less well-known.

Royal Raymond Rife’s story begins in 1915 in San Diego, when he was fresh out of college. It was there that he became friends with Henry Timken, a businessman with a fortune made in the ball-bearing industry Had these two men not met the world would be quite a different place today.

Rife had expertise in virtually all areas of engineering. An example of this is his genius with motors. He actually built a record-breaking boat motor with a remarkable 2700 horsepower in 1915! He called it “Kitty Hawk the Fifth” and it held records in America for years.

How Did Rife Get Millions of Dollars For Research in the 1920′s?

Royal Rife’s background working with Carl Zeiss, the famous lens manufacturer, gave rise to his unique vision in optical engineering, which worked to Timken’s advantage. Rife developed an X-Ray eye that covered the entire ball-bearing production line, allowing for precise quality control, saving Timken billions of dollars. He gifted Rife with a lucrative research budget as thanks for his breakthrough.

Rife built a research lab in San Diego in the 1920′s where he set out to find a causative agent for cancer. His expertise in such diverse areas of engineering (along with his deep pocket budget!) allowed him to excel quickly and build every part he needed in his own machine shop.

By the early 1930′s Rife had built microscopes capable of viewing living viruses. He found that each species of virus pulsed with a specific beat, or frequency. Through years of arduous research he began to find disruptive frequencies for various viruses, with his focus being viruses he associated with cancer.

In the laboratory Rife found two viruses which were always present with cancerous socks machine tumors. He called one of these viruses the ‘BX virus’ that he correlated to carcinoma. The other virus, which he had correlated to sarcoma, he called the ‘BY virus’. His goal was to find frequencies which would kill the viruses. He called these frequencies the ‘Mortal Oscillatory Rate’ or M.O.R. for short.

Rife’s work has essentially vanished from the radar screen of the general public and the medical establishment. Why? Click here for part two (link here) of this report, to find out more about this overlooked hero.

My new found love saved my from

Christmas is over, and so the hard work begins. I am currently back at college, and the work has started to mount up. There are designs to make, projects to think up and craft materials to source. Thankfully, apart from the constant supply of tea that is fuelling my life, i have managed to stumble upon a local company who sell beautiful vintage buttons and vintage fabrics. It also seems to be the escape from the darken days with lots of colours, and pattern and a familiar sense of chirpiness – Spinsters Emporium is my new love.

My new found love saved my from valentines day, by inspiring me to dust the sewing machine down and get to work with the projects that Ive been meaning to get around to. All my Christmas money has gone on vintage fabric and craft packs. I am going to tell you straight here the craft packs were made by Gods. 1 pack can include a beautiful collection of vintage fabric cut offs, ranging from floral fabrics to retro fabrics, or vintage buttons, or even embellishment ideas. There is so many wonders, i believe i lost my breath for a second! Today the idea of quilting popped into my little head, and nana will be proud. With the help of spinsters emporium, and a rebirth socks knitting machine into quilting, spinsters everywhere can make anything! I have recently purchased, Cuter than a daisy vintage fabric pack. Plus all the products come with adorable, fun loving names!

So, basically its time for quilting, and I am a little nervous about this venture, so a book has been found which is also at Spinsters, in other lovely stuff. Do they have everything you would ever need? Yes, my friend, I believe they do. Quilts have always fascinated me, but they are such an expensive thing to buy. My nana had a beautiful quilt that envolved patchwork, and little embellished delight; there is nothing more beautiful than something handmade. She was in the era of make do and mend but i believe that we to are in the new era of make do and mend, we may not need to make do, but I am a simple soul looking for simple ways of being happy this is happiness.

Etsy is bursting at the seams with patchwork, handmade delights, and I hope one day that I will be able to sell my happiness to the people of the world, the spinsters are the makers, looking for a chance of love, in spending the joy. Recently I read an article of quilting involving the upcoming exhibit in the V&A, and what was fascinating was the young groups of girls who would share patterns and ideas for making a huge quilt! Any one of there who would be my friend? Wanted: quilting fabric, vintage fabric, a steady hand and a good sense of humour. Contact me on…. haha the spinsters personal ads.

The best white noise machines for

As the holidays are approaching, many parents have mixed emotions. They cannot wait to see their relatives and enjoy the holiday; however, the thought of taking the little one traveling is another thing. We all know that many children have a hard time adjusting to new environments especially at bedtime. Many times, while visiting relatives, the little children do not want to go to bed let alone go to sleep in a new environment.

There is a great way to compromise though. Today, you can find all kinds of wonderful products that will aid your children in drifting off to sleep no matter where they are. The answer is white noise machines. There are large varieties of sizes that are perfect for traveling.

The best white noise machines for the traveling family with babies are the LifeSounds 440, the Sleep Sheep, the Lavender Lab, and the Sound Oasis Sleep Bear. All are small enough to bring along on the train, plane, or car and have them close enough to use as soon as you need them to help your little one feel secure. If you use these items at home, it is even better for the feeling of security. It will help your little one due to the fact it is something they are use to having close by at home, so they will not feel like alone, even if you are in the next room.

The LifeSounds 440 was created by Marpac and provides your little one with realistic and calming sounds along with blocking out all those noisy relatives in the other room. The white noise machine offers sounds such as the womb, heartbeat, and a lullaby section. The small size will allow you to carry it in your diaper bag so you do not have to worry about trying to find it in the suitcase before bedtime or naptime, it will be close by in the diaper bag.

The Sleep Sheep is the best stuffed animal to carry along whether you have socks machine china a baby or a toddler. For the baby, the Sleep Sheep will attach to the crib or you can place the sheep in bed with older children. The Sleep Sheep features sounds such as mom’s heartbeat, spring showers, whale songs, and ocean surf.

The Lavender Lab is a cuddly aromatherapy puppy dog that is so soft that your baby or toddler will want it with them all the time. The lavender scent will aid your little one in drifting off to sleep without any trouble.

The Sound Oasis Sleep Bear has a proven track record in hospitals to effectively aid in helping babies sleep peacefully. The wonderful bear calms babies and can even help the fussiest babies sleep no matter where they may be trying to sleep.

Now, you can enjoy traveling and giving your children the best aids to help them sleep the night away while the adults are enjoying seeing each other again for the holidays.

Thats why below I have given you insider access

So, firstly let’s begin by finding out who Melaleuca Inc. These day’s they are more famous for selling Melaleuca based products. Melaleuca has been in existance for many many years, giving people like you and me a great opportunity to start a home based business.

What I am going to do is go over the products, and the go over how to win with your Maleleuca opportunity, via the compensation plan.

During it’s inception Melaleuca was involved heavily in the Tea Tree Oil business, which is still part of their business today, but they haved moved promptly into home based cleaning products, all of which are environmentally friendly. They are also in the business of Nutritional and Pharmaceutical product. More recently they have the Nicole Miller products, based around cosmetics, which seems to be going very very strong for them. As Melaleuca grows it seem as though they are quite willing to push into many multiple lines of product to suit their overall customer base, plus be more attractive to future clientel.

The first thing I must mention to you is that Melaleuca is socks machine not a traditional MLM or Multilevel Marketing company, as it works directly off direct sales, which has its pros and cons but, none the less a good business model. It is as simple as you basically earn a commission on the level of product you sell. The more you sell the bigger commissions you make. Your goal is to try and get the repeat sales each and every month, from existing customers, and clearly you want to build new business too. For the sales you make you earn points, and these points help go towards purchases you wish to make from the Melaleuca range. As an Executive when you progress you will earn loyalty dollars which again can only go towards purchases you make with Melaleuca, as they do not allow them to be spent anywhere else. Overall, I think Melaleuca has a strong compensation plan, as it rewards you for your own efforts, which cant be impacted by others, plus you are earning rewards for the volume you sell through. So to me, a real winner.

Most people within Melaleuca do struggle to generate begging customers online. We can always sell to our next door neighbour, but what about leveraging the power of the internet to sell more product? Time and time again I hear the struggles of not just Melaleuca reps, but all online business owners trying to generate more eager customers, and or leads that they can talk too..

Thats why below I have given you insider access to my little secret lead generation, profit building machine. It is designed for Melaleuca guys only, so check it out, and let me know what your thoughts are.

It doesnt matter if you are feeling depressed

Get his attention and reel him in. It has finally happened. After weeks (or even months) of feeling his interest in you wane, you get the feared We need to talk routine. Even before you get to the coffee shop or the restaurant, you know whats coming. He could even be a real jerk about it and break up with you over the phone. Whats funny about this is, after everything that has been said and done, you still want him back. If youre absolutely convinced that hes the only one for

It doesnt matter if you are feeling depressed about things. Focus your energies on something else. Dont obsess or even discuss anything about your break up with friends (especially those who are also his friends). Instead, get toned up and hot. Dont over indulge on a pint of ice cream just because youre feeling sad about losing him. Thatll make you a few dollars poorer and a number of pounds heavier. Go out for a jog. Visit a salon. Get your hair done, if you want. Doll up. Buy nice clothes you know youll look hot in. On a budget, substitute your retail binge for going closet cleaning. Chances are, there are great dresses buried in the pile there that youve forgotten all about (although, thats not really important if youre already looking goodsexy people can look hot even whatever they wear). The fact that you have not betrayed an ounce of sadness or regret over the break up, and the fact that you are looking even hotter than ever should get your ex boyfriend thinking.

He knows youre there, but he barely sees you. Youre too busy living your life, he cant even talk to you over the phone. Friends tell him that youre looking finer socks machine factory by the day, and hes wondering just how fine. His imagination is working over time. Let the anticipation build. When he calls, let the machine answer it. When he calls you on your mobile, let your voice box pick it up. When he emails, be brief and casual. Dont tell him about what you have been up to, just that youve had such a crazy schedule and hope hes well. When you do decide to pick up your cell phone when he calls, make sure that you are in the middle of doing somethingyoure out and cant talk. Just say, hi,

On the day you decide to meet up with him, pick the time and the place. Show yourself in the best light. Treat him just like a friend. Keep things pleasant. Dont get all mushy. Thats his job. Hell be putty in your hands in no time.

As can you make as a relative to

All the parents want that their children reach their full capacity in all that they. If you have kids to play the baseball or the baseball then you to know that one of the most enthralling aspects and most difficult strikes. And since you can only obtain 3 to 5 with-beaters by play then you want to make sure that they count.

If your kids play the baseball or the baseball, if they can strike the ball as they want then they will have pleasure to play so much more. Nothing There worse than observing a player go again to the dugout depressed and sad.

As can you make as a relative to socks machine instill confidence into the dish? The best manner of achieving this is with the repetition. Unless you are laid out with launching to your kids 200 balls per day then they won’t obtain the kind of repetition which will improve their wadding in sheet. More, unless you have the exactitude of Nolan Ryan, you won’t make your kids all the favours by making them balance with launchings apart from the zone of strike. And, the you’ll save your arm to throw this football in autumn.

The best tool for the repetition is a machine of pitching. The machines of pitching come in a variety of the types and costs. Some have large wheels and race on gas engines and can feed to 12 balls classified by baseball. Some are right for the baseball and others just for the baseball. They are usually expensive so that a relative buys and are cumbersome and the can’t is art of the car-portrait-operated without risk by young people beats.

The less expensive options are the portable machines of pitching of ball of whiffle. The majority of the latter employ the balls and the race classified of whiffle of ball of golf on the refillable batteries thus they can be employed almost anywhere. More, they are like effective right for players of baseball that players of baseball.

Does many require? classified Why of balls of whiffle of ball of golf the small balls force the smooth paste to concentrate more and to aim for a smaller target. When you can strike a small target uniformly then it will be even easier to strike a larger target. More the small balls be inexpensive and can always be thrown at the high speeds.

The machines of pitching of ball of whiffle are light, certain support with 100 balls of whiffle, adjust of 20 M/H with 60 M/H, launching uniformly, can launch balls of curve and slide blocks of right hand and jugs of left hand.

Better of all, the machines of pitching of ball of whiffle are RECREATION! The kids and the adults of all the ages have the recreation to strike the latter the machine and it has really the capacity to increase confidence and the capacities of young person and older beat in a few minutes.

Other forms of machines for textile manufacturing

Textile machinery is utilized in the processing of textiles, fabrics and all forms of woven and non-woven textile items. A list of these machines is used in many parts of textile manufacturing from spinning and weaving to dyeing and warping. There are also tools used in order to extrude plastic and synthetic fiber. Some natural fibers that go well with any of this equipment are wool, cotton and silk while artificial fibers like nylon, polypropylene and polyester benefit glove machine from these machines too.

Textile machinery is offered in the market as brand new items but there are also used ones that manufacturers may consider purchasing. These are available through Internet venues and other local equipment providers within a certain locale. Some of the most popular traders or dealers of these industrial products belong to associations like the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers and American Textile Machinery Association.

In other countries, there are yet other organizations where these traders are linked to. Generally, no matter what name the dealers are associated with, the following products are included in their product catalogue.

Among a list of names in the textile equipment department, those in the sewing and embroidery processes are always sought after by textile industries. Popular machine names are sewing machines, garment cutting machines, embroidery machines, hemming machines and overlock machines. There are also very specific products like flat ironers, denim sewing machines and needle detector machines. There are those that deal with heavy fabrics, trimmings and button holes. In this department, all items gear to aspects of sewing, embroidery and garment manufacture.

Weaving is also another important process in the textile industry that is why some of the best textile machinery is made for this particular endeavor. A company may choose from rapier looms, warping machines, water jet looms, carpet making machines and jacquards machine. Some other items in the brochure are beaming machines, sizing machines and needle looms. With each product name, one will be able to learn about its real function.


Dyeing is also catered to by a list of textile machinery. The continuous dyeing machine is included as well as the centrifugal hydro-extractors machine. Padders, jiggers and dosing machines are highly recommended for this part of the process. There are also items particularly made for knitting, spinning, laundry, printing and finishing. Some traders provide textile machines for footwear, bags and others for leather manufacture.

Some women gamble to earn huge profits

Gone are the days when gambling was a mans game and women were not allowed to indulge themselves in this male dominated pursuit. From the inception of the Feminist movement, there has been a constant increase of women, participating in almost all walks of life. Gambling is no exception. The participation of women in gambling is a recent phenomenon, but in todays world, they do play a significant role in the industry. Many women across the world have been opening accounts with online casinos and enjoying the thrill and excitement of different casino games.

Initially women started with the Slot machine and Roulette. But it was just a matter of time before they started playing card games like poker and specialty games like Craps too. Online casinos have helped to lure women into the gambling world, as the latter can manage household chores as well as play the games. They need not travel long distances in search of socks machine traditional land based casino sites.

Some women gamble to earn huge profits and become wealthy. For them, gambling online is a means to improve their financial condition. They avail free gaming features, bonuses and other rewards offered by online casinos and play different games. Once they familiarize themselves with online gaming, they play games that are more serious. Women have shown much talent in online gambling and won many bonuses and even jackpots. If you are also looking to enjoy online gambling, you should possess a computer connected with high-speed Internet and you should then sign up with a casino site before you can start playing a casino game of your choice.

Casinos are infamous for crime, drunks and drug addicts. This is another reason why most women prefer online casinos. Obviously, they provide a safer and more secure environment. Women can play games like Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and varieties of slot games from the comfort of their homes without fear of harassment by male players in traditional land based casino. In addition, the easy-to-play options in online gambling games encourage them to participate in the games with much enthusiasm.

Many casino sites have incorporated varieties of gambling games to attract women players. Good graphics, colorful designs and excellent sound effects are added to the game to give the best gaming experience to women players. Casino games have become a great source of entertainment for women. They also use online chat rooms to interact with different players from across the world. This has not only helped them learn tips from experienced players but also become a medium that provides relaxation and a break from hectic and monotonous routines.

I can’t stress enough how important

If you’re thinking about purchasing an exercise bicycle you should ask yourself a lot of questions. The first one being, were in the world are you going to put it? Bikes aren’t small and you need a spare corner or a significant chunk of free space to put the machine. Don’t let the size discourage you though. You can find the room, but the amount of room you have will effect the type of exercise bicycle you will buy. There are several kinds of bikes each one with different pros and cons and space glove machine requirments. The most common types of bikes are upright, recumbent and semi recumbent.

After you have calculated you available space and style of exercise bicycle you prefer, it’s time to do your homework. A good place to start is by reading reviews of different models. Reviews can be found in bike and exercise magazines and on the internet. Of course first hand experience is great. So ask your friends and family that have bikes what they think. Important elements that you should be looking for in reviews are the construction materials, performance and features.

Online reviews have a nice plus in that some of them give discounts on the exercise bicycles they are reviewing. Keep track of the models you are interested in and the best prices you find. If you decide to buy from a home fitness equipment store, knowing the best prices will give you some price negotiating power.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your homework and read reviews. You can find out if all those extra features are really worth the extra price. Real user experience will also inform you of any flaws in the equipment and the customer service of different brands.

After you’ve done your homework you can venture out to see some machines in person. Take your time and sit on the bike, push all the buttons and check out the features. The bike you select syould be very comfortable and easily adjustable. An uncomfortable bike can put pressure on your lower body. If the bike is uncomfortable you can be sure that you will stop riding it pretty quickly.

Another great way to see bikes in person is to go to the local guy to try them out. If you decide that you don’t have room for bike, you still have the option of joining a gym. Good gyms will have great quality exercise equipment for you to use. This will usually include several types of exercise equipment.

No matter what type of exercise bicycle you decide to buy, the important thing is that they are a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It will help you loose weight as well. Riding just a few minutes will improve your cardio for a healthier heart and a healthier life.

Another possible way of improving

The best way to increase your chances of winning at bingo is to play more bingo. The old saying that practice makes perfect holds true for most things, including the game of bingo. With that in mind, if you want to know how to increase your chances of winning at bingo, then do what poker players, bridge players and those who play almost any other type of game do and simply practice. Play more bingo and get better at it.

Some people believe there are other ways of improving your chances of winning at bingo. They include those choosing cards based on the symmetry approach. With this approach to bingo avoid cards that have what they refer to as bad symmetry, which means numbers clustered near low numbers for each column. These players prefer to have their numbers distributed in more of a random pattern. More what you would expect the random bingo machine to generate. Of course, this symmetry approach is just an opinion and the jury is still out on whether or not this will actually increase your chances of winning at bingo.

Another possible way of improving your changes of winning at bingo is the law of averages method. Determine in this method which numbers are rarely if ever called. Then do not pick out, and do not accept cards with those numbers. According to the law of sweater machine averages, most numbers should be called three times or more during a given set of games, but some are not called that often. Using this method a person should only participate in games where they can select their on bingo cards. To determine which numbers are most often called, pay close attention to and keep records of the games you participate in. If you have a group of friends who will help, you can be more efficient and you all can increase your chances of winning at bingo.

If our goal is to increase your chances of winning at bingo, keep in mind that bingo is a game of chance. Numbers are chosen at random, so luck, or the lack of it will be a determining factor in the results of your game no matter what else you choose to do. As human beings there really is not much that we can do to predict or influence the outcome of a bingo game. The main purpose of bingo is fun. People play bingo to have a good time, and most generally do have a good time.

Still many people do see trying to improve their gaming skill and increasing their chances of winning bingo as part of the fun, and part of the game. If that is the case, then by all means try to increase your chances of wining at bingo and enjoy. You may find a group of people who also enjoy giving Lady Luck a challenge and find a way to put random chance on your side.